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Guide To Pension Sharing Reports

Collins Pension Actuaries provides Pension Sharing reports providing calculations in respect of equality of income, equality of value, offsetting and apportioning benefits accrued during marriage and cohabitation.

  • Pension Sharing Reports

    We provide Pension Sharing reports that enable solicitors and their clients decide how they wish to reach a settlement regarding pensions on divorce.

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  • Timescales

    As soon as we have received all of the pension information required we typically aim to provide a Pension Sharing Report within 6 weeks.

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  • Obtaining A Report

    The quickest most efficient way to obtain a Pension Sharing Report is for you to gather all your pension information together and send it to us.

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  • Pension Data Collection

    By using our online form you can automatically create letters to request all the relevant documentation related to your pension arrangements.

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