Pension Data Collection

1. Make A Checklist

The first thing we recommend you do is make a checklist of everything you will need to send to us to prepare your Pension Sharing Report.

  1. Fill out our Checklist Form to create your personalised checklist.
  2. Click the download link and either Open it now or Save it for later. You can also email it to yourself.
  • Checklist Form
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2. Create A Data Collection Letter

The most efficient way to quickly obtain a Pension Sharing Report is to use our Data Collection Form to automatically create letters to send to your pension schemes to request all the relevant pension data.

  1. Fill out our Data Collection Form to create and receive the data collection letter.
  2. Print, sign and post the data collection letter to your pension scheme.
  3. If you have more than one pension then repeat the process for each pension scheme.
  4. Send full copies of the replies you receive from your pension schemes and we will advise you of any further questions that need to be asked.
  5. Remember to provide details about your State Pension by choosing the option below which applies to you.
  • Data Collection Form
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  • State Pension Not In Payment
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  • State Pension In Payment
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3. Fill In Information, Employment History And Pension In Payment Forms

It is best to provide details for both you and your spouse and provide as complete an Employment History as possible, not just limited to the time that you were married.

  1. Download the forms, print them and complete them.
  2. Complete the Information Form to provide us with more details about your case.
  3. Complete the Employment History Form to enable us to understand your pensions.
  4. If one or more of your pensions is in payment, complete the Pension In Payment Form.
  • Information Form
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  • Employment History Form
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  • Pension In Payment Form
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