State Pension Not In Payment

1. State Pension Forecast

The State Pension Forecast indicates the amount of State pension and any Protected Payment that has been earned to date and which would be payable from your State Pension Age. The Protected Payment is an amount of extra State pension to which you might have been entitled when the new State pension system was introduced in April 2016. The easiest way to obtain a State Pension Forecast is to request it online where it can be done in a matter of minutes. Alternatively you can apply by post.

What If I Have Already Earned The Maximum State Pension?

The maximum State pension for people reaching State Pension Age is £185.15 per week for the 2022 tax year. It was £179.60 per week for the 2021 tax year, £175.20 per week for the 2020 tax year and £168.60 per week for the 2019 tax year. Should you obtain your State Pension Forecast online and it indicates that to date you have already earned exactly the same amount as the maximum State pension, then it is sensible to also apply for a State Pension Forecast by post. This is because we have experienced cases where some people also had an additional Protected Payment element of State pension that was not indicated by the online State Pension Forecast, but which was indicated by the postal version of the State Pension Forecast.

What If I Have Deferred Taking My State Pension?

If you have delayed taking your State pension then it is not possible to obtain a State Pension Forecast using Form BR19. We recommend that you contact the Department for Work and Pensions using the Get Form BR19 link below to request an indication of what your State pension would be were you to take it now.

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Postal Applications

If applying by post then the completed Form BR19 should be sent to the following address:

  • Newcastle Pension Centre, Futures Group
    The Pension Service 9
    Mail Handling Site A
    WV98 1LU