When to request a CEV

Collins Pension Actuaries requires as up to date as possible Cash Equivalent Transfer Values (CEV) for your pensions in order to provide accurate Pension Sharing illustrations.

However, it is often the case that we are provided with CEVs which are more than a year old and which will ultimately require updating because Pension Sharing Reports based on CEVs that are too out of date will yield figures and conclusions likely to be different to those than if an updated CEV were obtained.

For this reason, we would advise that if you are considering a Report that you take care at which point you request a CEV and that once you obtain a CEV that you instruct us as soon as possible rather than waiting too long. This will save unnecessary delay later down the line.

Collins Pension Actuaries often receive instructions from clients who have an upcoming Court Hearing date and who urgently need for a Pension Sharing Report. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of such cases, we find that the pension information provided is either incomplete or more often than not several months or even more than a year out of date and requires updating.

In such instances, it will be necessary for you to either clarify or update the information meaning that inevitably there will be a delay especially when you bear in mind that pension schemes can be slow in providing information.

In short, the sooner you can provide us with pension information then the quicker we can analyse it and assess if it is sufficient for the purposes of preparing a Pension Sharing Report and provide you with a more realistic timescale of when you can expect to receive a Report.

Please use our easy to follow data collection template letters to request a CEV and underlying details from your scheme.

If you have not yet created your Data Collection Letters then you can do so below:

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