Form E or not Form E

One of the great ironies of divorce legislation is that Form E – the document required to be completed if either party applies to court about financial matters arising from a divorce – is virtually worthless when it comes to Pension Sharing Reports.

The information provided in Form E is simply not sufficient for the purposes of preparing a Report.

For that reason, we would urge anyone who is divorcing and considering a Pension Sharing Report to utilise our bespoke pension data collection letters to request a CEV and underlying details in respect of their pensions.

The information provided in response to our letters ensures we have the level of detail required to prepare Reports thus enabling us, for example, to more accurately illustrate expected income that the parties could receive in retirement after a Pension Sharing Order has been made.

Even if ultimately you decide not to proceed with a Pension Sharing Report you will still have important information about your pensions for future use if required.

If you have not yet created your Data Collection Letters then you can do so below:

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