How much will a Pension Sharing Report cost?

Collins Pension Actuaries charges on a fixed fee basis which means that no matter how much work is required in order to prepare a Pension Sharing Report only one fee is paid. Accordingly, prior to providing a fixed fee quotation it is necessary to know the number and sizes of the pensions involved in a case and the scope of the instructions. In general, the greater the number of pensions and the more valuable the pension assets and the wider the scope of the instructions the greater the fixed fee will be.

Additional calculations following the issue of the Pension Sharing Report will incur additional fees if they require a significant reworking of figures that was not within the scope of the original instructions, but such fees would be notified prior to calculations being done. Appearance in Court as an expert witness would incur separate fees, which would be quoted for at the time.

We believe our fees are competitive in the pensions on divorce field. Other pensions on divorce practitioners may well indicate lower charges, but then subsequently increase the fees once details of the instructions have been provided. This is not something that Collins Pension Actuaries will do. We will only increase fees beyond the original fixed fee quotation if we are subsequently informed of a pension that was not originally disclosed or are not fully informed at the outset of the likely extent of any instructions with regards to calculation scenarios.

To avoid any misunderstanding please note that Collins Pension Actuaries will only issue a Pension Sharing Report once cleared funds have been received. This does not mean that no work will be undertaken until fees are settled. It simply means that the Pension Sharing Report will not be issued.

If you have not yet requested a quotation for us to prepare a Pension Sharing Report for you then you can do so below:

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