What information should I provide to obtain a quotation for a Pension Sharing Report?

To obtain a quote from Collins Pension Actuaries for preparing a Pension Sharing Report we will need to know what pensions are to be considered within the Pension Sharing Report and the scope of the instructions.

Ideally, for each divorcing party you should be able to provide the names of the pension schemes, their Cash Equivalent Values (CEVs) and a broad indication of what you are trying to achieve by having a Pension Sharing Report.

We will then provide you with an indication of the likely fee range for preparing a Pension Sharing Report. We will not provide a definitive fixed fee quotation until we have been provided with copies of the pensions information for the pension schemes concerned as well as a copy of the scope of the instructions.

The reason for this is because information provided by pension schemes can often be misunderstood. For example, a Lifetime Allowance value can often be mistaken as the CEV and sometimes the name of the pension scheme administrator can be given as the scheme name.

If you are uncertain as to the scope of the instructions then this is not too important at the quotation stage since Collins Pension Actuaries will assume that the most common elements of a Pension Sharing Report are required.

If you have not yet requested a quotation for us to prepare a Pension Sharing Report for you then you can do so below:

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